Wire Russia 2017 – an exciting trade fair in Russian tradition

Melos and his partner JLS presented the latest highlights on the Russian market.

From 5th to 8th June 2017 Melos presented its products at the wire Russia with the support of his partner JLS-Chemicals. The main topics in Moscow were the following highlights: high temperature resistant compounds, compounds with flexibility at low temperatures and oil resistant compounds for special applications.

Special attention was given to the products Mecoline S TP 1030 F and S TP 1034 F, as thermoplastic sheathing materials with maximum oil resistance and very flexible at low temperatures
down to -70°C. Furthermore there is demand for specialty compounds for cables in extreme applications. Russia is particularly represented in the oil industry, where heavy duty cable solutions are needed. Melos offers practice-proven products for this purpose.

During the four-day exhibition many interesting conversations were held in these topics. There were new starting points for the further business relations with Russia.
Melos and JLS are looking forward to the next exhibition in 2019.