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Successful recertification in the field of occupational health and health protection

Since the initial certification in 2013, we have passed the Bureau Veritas certification again - with no deviations.

Systematic environmental and energy management

Environmental protection has become an important management task for companies. Active environmental and energy management can cut costs and increase productivity. A systematic approach analyzes the causes of both waste and emissions in order to identify how to improve organizational and technical approaches. Even in energy consumption high savings can be achieved, for example by fine-tuning the production process or by using waste heat (compressed air generation) for useful heating purposes. Companies can rise above competitors by their additional commitments to environmental management.

Finding solutions that may positively impact the environment can give a company an edge over those who choose to ignore these problems. Thus, environmental impact is no longer an inevitability for companies, but a management task with its own opportunities and risks.

We are proud to have passed it again after the first certification in 2013 - without deviations.

The new certificate is valid from 05.03.2019 and can be downloaded here.

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