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Recertified: Work safety and health protection at Melos

Preventing work accidents, avoiding injuries and diseases, protecting the health and wellbeing of all Melos employees: Work safety and health protection are the main aspects of Melos value system. For optimal prevention we focus on a professionally certified work- and health protection management system.

Melos was first certified in 2015. On December 7th 2017 Melos was recertified by Bureau Veritas Certification Germany GmbH. “With this certification we fulfill the official norm OHSAS 18001”, announces Melos CEO Joerg Siekmann, “our work and health protection system is up to date.”

Work protection with system

Implementing preventive moves, identifying and using improvements, increasing the sense of responsibilities of every employee and converting law obligations: With OHSAS Melos counts on proactive movements and the overall safety of all employees in the production and administration development.

The new certificate is valid from March, 25th 2018: Please download the certificate.

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