Melos Horse Footing for riding surfaces

Healthy training and effective progress require an optimal riding surface. Choose a footing-sand mix with Melos quality, ‘Made in Germany’. Melos Horse Footing supports horse and rider with the perfect balance between surface elasticity and stability. Spine, tendons and joints are effectively cushioned – even under the heavy strains caused by movement.

System details

The combination of sand and Melos Horse Footing creates a long-lasting riding surface with the greatest elasticity and stability. The fibrous structure and sand grains complement one another perfectly, are the foundation for strong trainings and ensure that horses are completely sure-footed.
Melos Horse Footing is milled into the already available sand and serves as a central elastic layer.



Force reduction
and reflection

Product features

The advantages for users of associations and equestrian centres are clear: Melos Horse Footing, which is manufactured from strictly controlled new materials, is extremely colourfast and weather resistant, even in outdoor spaces. Even high volumes of riders or low temperatures do not compress the ground, the elasticity remains unchanged and the long-term maintenance costs are low. Thanks to its long service life, the material can be used with fresh sand several times and can be removed again.

Virgin material



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Installation of Melos Horse Footing in a riding hall

Time lapse of the installation of Melos Horse Footing

Melos Horse Flooring for horse stalls and walkways

Melos Horse Flooring is a three layer system that is an ideal solution for converting hard, uneven, muddy horse stalls and walkways into comfortable, safe, and attractive surfaces.
Melos Horse Flooring´s base layer creates seamless cushioning for horse’s hooves and joints. The seal layer provides a barrier to protect against moisture and waste penetration. Melos Horse Flooring´s revolutionary topcoat includes an additive to stop and prevent bacterial growth.

Variety of colours

Unlimited colour range. The freedom to be creative.

Choose one or more colours of the 24 standard colours for your individual Melos Horse Flooring covering. Use the Granules Designer app to create your own floor covering in a few steps. Combine and mix with each other until you obtain your desired colour.
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Melos Horse Flooring S

The Melos Horse Flooring S is a sealed system, which is recommended for stalls, barns, etc. but can be used for any application.

The Melos Horse Flooring S system is characterized by the following advantages:

Seamless, cushioned flooring

Provides safe footing

Soft on horse’s hooves and joints

Excellent shock absorption and protection

No waste penetration

Stops bacterial growth

Melos Horse Flooring Rx

The Melos Horse Flooring Rx system is a full depth virgin material system. The elastic layer and the top layer are build of EPDM granules.

The Melos Horse Flooring Rx system is characterized by the following advantages:

Replaces hay and additional bedding

Easy to clean, hose off with water

Built in place and molded to fit - no border strips

UV stable

Variety of colors available

3 year limited warranty

Melos Horse Flooring W

The system Melos Horse Flooring W is a water-permeable system and is mainly used for wash stalls. Furthermore it can be used for any other application e.g. walkways to the riding hall.

The Melos Horse Flooring W System is characterized by the following advantages:

Permeable to water

Flexible and seamless (in-situ installation)

Available in our 24 standard colours (other colours on request)


Anti-slip and sound-absorbing

Easy to clean

About us

Melos Horse Products is a corporative product of APT and Melos.

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Melos and Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) are members of the SportGroup. They are global manufacturers of granules and polyurethane-based material. From Olympic stadiums to your own backyard, Melos and APT provides people around the world with safe, reliable, high performance athletic surfaces and protective coatings.
Research and development is undertaken by our team of chemists working with sports professionals to establish the specific characteristics required to assist athletes in performing at their very best. Each day, we put our full commitment, expertise, and passion into providing sports facilities and athletes with the perfect surface.

Our Melos Horse Products brings this same surface technology that Olympians and professional athletes perform on each day into the equestrian world!

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