Melos: A powerful example of integration

In 1966 the United Nations declared 21 March “International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination”. From that, “International Weeks against Racism” soon developed: demonstrations, events and works meetings are held all over the world to call for a peaceful coexistence. Colleagues from 18 countries work together at Melos and they all unite as a team to achieve joint success – a powerful example of integration and international collaboration.
No matter what colour your skin, whether you come from a migration background or not, or whether you have a German or foreign passport: what counts is your dedication to your work, a spirit of cooperation and respectful interaction with others. As part of the campaign week, Melos employees from Production, Laboratory and Administration learned more about topics such as exclusion and discrimination at an event organised by the IGBCE trade union. The invitation had come from the Melos Works Council. Informational material was distributed and staff gathered at small info-points to discuss racism and its manifestations. The conclusion: problems should be clearly stated. Racism is completely incompatible with Melos’ system of values. Prejudices disappear into thin air when dialogue is established.

Melos is international:

  • Employees from 18 countries
  • Multicultural: A total of 97 employees with migration background in Production, Administration and Laboratory (of which 57 foreign nationals and 40 German nationals)


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