November 2014

“FM Firefighter” in action

Maybe you remember the “FM Firefighter”? In August 2014 Melos and Inhol started to promote selected bedding compounds by using a new, creative way of product presentation. The firefighter, coming from the inside of the cable, symbolizes the protective function of halogen-free, low smoke and highly flame-retardant bedding compounds. These compounds are an economic and smart solution for cable manufacturers desiring to improve the flame retardant properties of the entire cable construction. We offer various compounds with LOI values up to 80% in our portfolio.

Besides the European market, especially the American cable market did respond in a positive way to this creative way of communication. Melos and its cooperation partner Inhol are present on the IWCS conference in Rhode Island, USA (09.-12.11.2014). The timing is good to present the firefighter in action, in this brand new 3D animation clip.