March 2022

Laykold® courts made with recycled balls

Laykold®, trusted and chosen by the US Open, is the only court that features recycled balls

Laykold®Masters 5 GT is now available in Europe. Featuring green technology (GT) innovation the 4 mm elastic mat contains recycled balls. This innovation allows 10,000 balls to be reused in a single tennis court. Globally 300 million tennis balls a year go into landfill. This is a major challenge for tennis and Laykold® Masters 5 GT allows tennis clubs to be part of the solution. 

Laykold® Masters Gel made with 60 % renewable resources is the market leader in sustainability and is now available in Europe. The PUR coating provides a seamless, slip-resistant surface that is great to play on. Tennis icon Serena Williams also counts on Laykold quality: she recently chose Laykold gel for her private tennis courts. 
Laykold® Masters Gel is the choice for tennis clubs who wish to be #1 in sustainability.

Laykold®’s force reduction revolution makes tennis better
Hardcourts don’t need to be hard on the body. We are transforming tennis court performance with our force reduction courts; our goal is to reduce player/coach injury and fatigue and provide a surface which encourages more play.
The Masters 5 GT delivers around 14 % force reduction, and the Laykold® Gel delivers around 17 % force reduction. Both courts maintain 98 % of this property for their lifetime (10+ years). 

This is a force reduction revolution in tennis. Players now have the consistency, pace and colour of hardcourt tennis plus the easy-on-your-body benefits usually associated with clay or grass. 
All Laykold® courts feature the performance topcoats chosen by the US Open and 8 of the top 13 hard court tournaments in the USA and Canada, including the Miami Open, the Western & Southern Open and the Canadian Open.

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System data sheet Laykold® Masters 5 GT

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