Melos Stone - Floor coverings in your favourite club colours

We are in a football fever! Individual floor coverings for clubs and true fans, perfect in form, colour and function. And if you want, even with your own logo.

You can upgrade your stadium grounds, your office or even simply your garden in a unique way with Melos Stone flooring. If you want to be greeted by your own logo, you can also do this with our 2D-Stylemaker® motifs. We can produce any motifs, characters, names and numbers by water jet. These motifs fit seamlessly into the flooring. 

Let's get inspired! Possible colour variations are...

Several other colour combinations are available. Here are some videos for inspiration:

The Melos Stone flooring isn’t as hard as the name would suggest: The granules consists of elastic rubber that is almost as stable and non-slip as stone, thanks to its high material hardness (experts call it “90 Shore A”). On site, the loose granules are mixed with an adhesive, applied to the floor and smoothed.

For all those interested in technology: The Melos Stone flooring consists of approx. 10 kg material per square meter and is non-slip, barrier-free, weatherproof, lightfast and even water-permeable! Melos Stone flooring is a true all-rounder, and with a unique logo certainly a real eye-catcher for true fans.

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