October 2019

MoooveNow – experience the interactive LED floor concept from Melos. 

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Experience the future: interactive play and learning surfaces by Melos

Breaking new ground and pushing boundaries with Melos: Experience Melos' innovative LED floor concept MoooveNow! 

Melos MoooveNow playfully combines learning and fitness exercises: interactive and touch-sensitive surfaces make it possible.

The MoooveNow prototype combines cutting-edge materials with LED and digital technologies. To improve the play characteristics and to protect the LED technology, a high-performance LED panel is fitted with a specially developed, transparent polyurethane pad.

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Currently, the interactive LED floor offers two games ready for testing: game number 1 trains mathematical skills with action-packed excitement: you control a spaceship with your movements and you collect points if you strike the right numbers and mathematical operations to get the correct sum. Or you can prove your stamina in the Fitness Game, in which you jump from rock to rock, avoid the red-hot lava and score points when you land safely. Experience today the games that will be played in kindergartens and leisure parks, in shopping malls and hotels, and on schoolyards and at events tomorrow!

Melos MoooveNow:
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