February 2020

Melos at the Best of Events in Dortmund

The prototype of the interactive LED floor "MoooveNow" developed by Melos has passed the biggest test. For the first time, the product was presented in its standard version (2x3 meters, pressure sensor technology) on a large stage in January. The Best of Events (BoE) in Dortmund is the most important trade fair for event agencies in Germany. The visitors were consistently enthusiastic and showed great interest in using MoooveNow at their events in the future.

In terms of the technology used, the interactivity and the individualization, there was no comparable product at the fair. The LED floor from Melos thus has a clear unique selling point and covers three areas with one innovative solution: Entertainment, education and fitness. 

The self-developed games "Volcano Jump" and "Guardian of the Math" were presented in Dortmund. The first one is known from a social media hype "The Floor is Lava". You jump from stone to stone, avoid the hot lava and diligently collect coins. After one minute of playing, most of the visitors were already sweating: "Pretty exhausting but come on, one more round. This time a level harder!"

For those who don't like jumping and prefer to think, the second game was a chance to prove their brain power and solve various math problems with their feet. In the beginning it was easy, but later even the math geniuses reached their limits: "Oh no. Math was never really my thing". But math is apparently still addictive: Although there were many numbers involved, the visitors kept coming back and wanting to crack their high score. 

The great success of the fair shows us that we are on the right track: Digitalisation and games 4.0 are major trend topics of the future. Melos will continue to work on interactive play and learning areas and launch MoooveNow in 2020. 

Further information about the interactive LED floor and technical details can be found here:

Impressions of Best of Events

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