August 2019

Stylemaker® Evolution 3D - Ingenious figures out of granules with 3D effect

Stylemaker® inspires and is equally perfect for planners and installers - creative floor images fast and easy to plan and order online! Now comes the next step: Stylemaker® Evolution 3D.

Ingenious figures out of granules succeed with Stylemaker® Evolution 3D. Be it a cute turtle or a colourful planet - let yourself be inspired and take the design of attractive play and leisure floorings to a new level. The creative interaction between Stylemaker® floor images and Stylemaker® figures makes the difference

Coming soon: Imaginative figures for vital living spaces

With Stylemaker® Evolution 3D, creating your own figures on a PC or on a tablet can be achieved in just a few steps: Simply select a template from the Stylemaker® database and personalize it. You can choose from cute animals, creative objects or even functional seating. The wide spectrum of figures gives you all the opportunities to inspire clients and breathe new life into playgrounds or public areas. In addition, the design of high-quality leisure and active areas is conceivable, which enhance pedestrian areas or offer a therapeutic benefit in retirement homes.

Robust surface of melos granules

A special highlight is the surface structure of the figures. Humps, depressions, grooves and grooves, eyes, fins, legs and co. have a particularly authentic effect on animal figures and the flexible production process guarantees that elaborate themed worlds with sophisticated figures become reality one-to-one.


Stylemaker® Evolution 3D. The innovation.
Ingenious figures made of granules in no time.
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