Juli 2019

Interviews with little experts – cooler, more colourful, Stylemaker®!

Time to let the playtime professionals talk: Cats in space? Yes, please!

Whether granule production, space planning or professional realisation: We “big people” know how to do it – but what do we really know? Let’s be honest: expertise and craftsmanship are great, but the real professionals are the kids because ultimately, the playtime fun factor is the only thing that counts.

Putting floor images to the test

The Stylemaker® team wanted to know once and for all and asked some little experts: So how do you like the Stylemaker® floor images? What’s cool, what’s funny, what’s fun? Here are their answers.

Roll it; time for the experts

We’ll tell you this much: cats in space, catching planets, golden treasure and funny seahorses – all of them made our little playtime professionals giggle, and they decided: that’s it, more of this kind of stuff!

Stylemaker®. The innovation.
The way for big people to make little people happy.
Try it now and design creative floor images.

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