Melos sponsoring: Promote, require, celebrate success

Our claim, our goals

In order to work in the most optimal content-related fashion; Melos expects to closely cooperate with the sponsored party. We strive to attain exclusivity in our commitments – an ongoing dialogue is expressly desired. Melos is only interested in establishing long-term partnerships that reflect our company as a whole and that have also been agreed to in writing. Depending on market conditions, we focus on various sponsoring goals: increasing awareness for Melos through building the company’s profile and firmly entrenching the company’s image, customer retention and the acquisition of new customers.

Our services

Aside from the classic form of financial sponsoring, we also help with the realisation of projects through the provisioning of our materials and the introduction of our expertise. Beyond this, Melos can solicit a cooperation and collaborating companies via different contact channels in order to involve and inspire sponsors for their projects or the company. We would be more than happy to assist you in developing your own initiative, and will work towards implementing unusual formats and using creative forms of sponsoring. Please speak with us!