The new Melos Infill Bionic Fibre takes nature as its template and implements this using innovative plastics technology, thus paving the way for a new generation of artificial turf system that even more closely resemble natural turf and guarantee maximum durability. Thanks to the organic form of its material, Infill Bionic Fibre®
combines many of the advantages of natural materials with the reliable durability of a proven sulfur cured EPDM infill granulate.

Code: 46 2800
RAL: 8024

Main features at a glance

Physical dataVideoUnitTypical valueTesting to
Densityg/cm³approx. 1.6DIN EN 1183-1
HardnessShore A60DIN 53 505
Tensile strengthMPa> 6DIN 53 504
Elongation at break%> 700DIN 53 504
Polymer content%approx. 20
Bulk densityg/lapprox. 450DIN EN ISO 1097-3
Grain sizemm0,5 - 2,7
Flame retardanceClass Cfl-S1 (DIN EN 13501-1) flame-resistant material available
Flame retardance Class Cfl-S1 (DIN EN 13501-1) flame-resistant material available