Melos: Partner of demanding sectors

Melos develops and produces coloured and innovative system components for artificial turf pitches, running tracks, multipurpose sports fields, playgrounds and many other applications. Furthermore, our team realises customized solutions in Cable Compounds and Costumer Solutions, which are processed in the cable industry and the automotive sector.

Whether development department, laboratory, storage or production: You can find everything under one roof! Besides frequently asked industrial standards, we also deliver/ supply reduced quantities or customized colours.

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Successful Melos history

Melos GmbH started in 1930 with the recycling of rubber from salvaged tyres.

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Melos compounds are internationally demanded and a decisive part of complex major projects.
Whether the world is largest horse race course in Dubai or the Berlin Blue running track in the Olympic stadium of Berlin - Melos is involved.

Melos has tradition, provides fast delivery and develops customized solutions directly in Melle.
We are in business for more than 80 years, understand ourselves as a contrast to ´Made in China´, and stand for a diversified portfolio.

Melos employs 260 people of staff. Our team discusses and delivers/ supplies results, which further you.
Our mixtures, blends and thermoplastic recycles support specific innovations and make successes often only possible.