Melos acts in solid principles

Satisfied customers

The focus of our efforts is ensuring that our customers are satisfied. It is particularly important to us to understand the current and future requirements of our customers, to fulfil their demands and to meet their expectations.

Quality of our products and services

We ensure that all our business processes are designed to manufacture products of the highest quality in a very environmentally-friendly and energy-conscious way. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we aim to establish and sustain long-term partnerships with our suppliers.

Employee qualification

In addition, our business success is based on the qualifications, experience and motivation of our employees. A component of our staffing concept is the full-time employment of qualified and motivated temporary agency workers – if and when this is required. We support our employees with continuing qualification measures, in order to encourage them to work in a responsible and results-orientated way. Because only in this way do they contribute decisively to the achievement of our targets and thus to the success of the entire company.

Our values – honesty, fairness, discipline, reliability and experience

The basis of our collaboration is mutual support and an open, honest and respectful way of treating each other in a working environment that is both motivating and challenging at the same time. We are true to our word, in order to guarantee trustworthy cooperation and promote a practical working method.

Environmental protection

In our environmental management system, we embrace the most important environmental aspects, as well as the effects of these on the environment. Aside from the reduction and avoidance of environmental pollution, we focus our attention on using raw materials efficiently and minimising waste.

Energy efficiency

With our energy management system we strive to achieve energy efficiency in all our business processes and facilities. We review, plan and optimise our energy consumption in order to avoid unnecessary cost and to improve profitability, productivity and working conditions, as well as to protect the environment and to use fossil fuels as efficiently as possible.

Health and safety at work

Thanks to an actively implemented health and safety management system we are constantly working to protect our employees from danger at work. The constant reviewing of and adherence to occupational exposure limit values is therefore important to us. Through regular training and health and safety measures, we also encourage our employees to work in a preventative way.

Process optimisation and legal compliance

Our integrated management system for quality, environment, energy and health and safety serves to aid the continuing improvement of all our tasks and services. The importance of observing and adhering to existing legislation from the four management areas goes without saying for us.