Sponsoring: Success brings obligations

Whether social issues or the health of our employees, external engagement or internal optimization: Melos supports innovative approaches that contribute to the further development of people and society. Cooperations and memberships in various associations testify to our claim to actively shape the future.

At Melos, we see sponsoring as a partnership in which both partners benefit from each other. For Melos, sponsorship is therefore based on the principle of mutuality and always involves a service from the sponsor and a service in return from the sponsored party. This is the only way to create a win-win situation for both sides, with which everyone is satisfied.

In addition to the classic financial support, we are happy to help with the realization of projects by providing our material and contributing our know-how. Furthermore, Melos can promote a cooperation and the partners through various contact channels in order to inspire further sponsors for your project or person. We are happy to develop our own initiatives together with you, implement extraordinary formats and use creative forms of sponsorship.