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Melos Cable Compounds – the solution for CPR-challenges!

Burning cable fires are one of the most frequent causes for danger in buildings.  Often, there are only a few moments to escape safely out of a building. Even a small fire generates a thick and toxic smoke within a short time, causing toxic smoke inhalation and decreasing visibility. A life-threatening danger, that is often underestimated.

The new EU safety regulations for fire safety no. 305/2011 have replaced the European Construction Products Directive (89/106/EWG) by a new standard (EN 50575) on July 1st 2017, for permanently installed cables and wires in buildings. This means, that also cable manufacturers have to test, classify and mark their products in accordance with the valid standard regulations and classifications for CPR. The EU safety regulation is binding for every EU member state, however every EU state decides independently, which classification shall be applicable for each particular type of building.

From now on the cable classification needs to correspond to the defined requirements. Especially the classes B (high) to E (low) have to meet high safety requirements for flame spread (s), smoke development (a) and burning droplets (d).

To help to protect lives and buildings, Melos has developed innovative, CPR conforming cable compounds for the production of effective flame-retardant cables, that will stop flame propagation in case of fire and reduce toxic smoke emission to a minimum.

Melos cable compounds are characterised by:

  • Low emission of smoke in case of smoldering fire by applying halogen-free ingredients to help to reduce toxic smoke and environmental risks
  • Minimum flame propagation by using flame-retardant fillers resulting in minimum damages in buildings or means of transportation (oder vehicles)
  • self-extinguishing ingredients , that prevent burning droplets and spreading of the - fires

Melos develops appropriate compounds for different fire classes, that have been qualified for CPR classification and are already being used successfully for quite a while.

Made by Melos – made for highest requirements!

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