Cable Compound Finder App

Product groups, categories and applications

In the first step you can choose between sheathing, insulation and bedding materials. Then you can set filters in 5-6 categories which will concretise your search results. The portfolio contains thermoplastic and cross-linkable compounds for eight different applications: Installation, Shipboard, Green Energy, Offshore, Aerospace, Marine, Defence, Rolling Stock, Rapid Transit, Railways, Automotive and General Applications.

Standards and features

Furthermore, you can define which standards you are looking for: BS, CEI, DIN VDE, EN, IEC, NEK, NFC, TÜV, ISO, LV, SAE, IEEE, UL or MIL. Additional filters have been added for specific product features such as “halogen-free”, “oil resistant” and “flexible”.

Technical data sheets and inquiry list

After setting the filters, a list of products will appear in the table, including the most relevant technical data. This new app will enable you to download the technical data sheets of the selected products directly. You can also put the selected products on the inquiry list and send your request to our dedicated support team.

Create your compound

If you did not find the right product in our portfolio that will fit your specific requirements, you can easily configurate your own compound with the tool “Create your compound”. Simply adjust the values of the features that are relevant for your request. Decades of experience and know-how in the formulation and manufacturing of specialty cable compounds makes Melos the right partner to meet your requirements.