Internal mixer

Established and efficient

The machines are heated purely by friction and can be cooled to ensure highly accurate temperature control even when processing delicate or low-melting materials. Tacky products and products with high mineral filler content can consequently also be produced.

At the same time, these machines are also highly flexible, as there is no need for automatic, continuous weighing of the components. Formulations with numerous ingredients can consequently be produced by manually weighing the granules, powders and even liquids from bags, big bags and drums. What's more, small components can be combined in low-melting bags.

The resultant batches are granulated by short single screw extruders. Various screen packs (1500 µm - 200 µm) are available to filter the melt. The dry granulated material measuring 2.8 mm - 10 mm in diameter is cooled with air before being packaged.


  • Not dependent on feed rates
  • Very high filler content possible
  • Low thermal burden, even when processing highly viscous materials
  • Tacky, low-melting materials can also be processed