Inhol merges into Melos

We are streamlining our organization and have merged Inhol B.V. with Melos GmbH.

Melos will support you as a strong partner with the following contact persons:

Dennis Scherf
Sales Manager

Phone +49 5422 9447 165
Mobile +49 151 150 668 94

Kira Pabst
Sales & Order Processing

Phone +49 5422 9447 143

Sebastian Kahmann
R&D Manager Cable Compounds 

Phone +49 5422 9447 41
Mobile +49 151 150 668 92

Melos GmbH is the legal successor of Inhol B.V.

All Inhol article designations still in use will be replaced by their Melos counterparts.

The compounds will continue to be produced at the same trusted locations as always with no changes to the usual quality and composition.

Here you will find the Melos website and our product portfolio: Melos GmbH – Cable Compounds