Sponsoring: Melos is looking forward to suspenseful projects

Good to know

You are looking for support and could envision working with Melos as a sponsoring partner? Then please send us your inquiry! Please plan as early as possible, in particular for events. Based on our experience, the decision-making process and organisation usually takes time. We will be in touch with you – and especially quickly if you’ve taken the time to present the information to us in a well-structured way.

  • Provide reasoning why your project is a suitable sponsoring project for Melos
  • Financial scope of the project
  • Type and duration of the project
  • Added value of the project for Melos 
  • Further information that could be relevant for a sponsoring decision

Your contact person

For questions related to sponsoring, partnerships or other commitments, please contact the marketing department:

Phone No.: +49 5422/ 9447-0
E-mail: marketing(at)melos-gmbh.com