Melos: Contemporary solutions for smooth processes

Absolute Transparency

With the new barcode system, Melos ensures the traceability of all production batches and supplies. For Melos customers, this means that, by capturing the barcode, it is always possible to track when the ordered material was produced at Melos, which path it took, what materials were used and from which supplier.

Thus, material properties, production parameters and the supply chain can be traced quickly and transparently - even years after the material was used. In this way, in the product divisions of Coloured EPDM Granules and Infill Granules, Melos GmbH achieves an exceptional standard in the industry: precise traceability and transparency throughout the entire value chain.

Thus, for example, complaints can be quickly traced and resolved. Whether the cause of the complaint is incorrect care, difficulties during installation or material weakness.

Perfection in Logistics

Here, however, Melos GmbH is dependent on the cooperation of its customers. Melos customers who document the batch number (the number below the barcode) when using or installing EPDM granules are always on the safe side. By doing so, the production batch is assigned to the customer's project and traceability of the installed surface is assured - right back to the raw material used.

Other advantages of the system emerge in the logistics chain: by using barcodes on each shipping unit (big bag, pallet), each unit gets a "name". This unique assignment can be used by decentralized stores, for example, for inventory and supply management.

The barcode management system, which is integrated with immediate effect, is structured as follows:

  • Barcodes assigned to the relevant production batch are attached to each shipping unit (big bag, pallet).
  • Each barcode is only used for this particular shipping unit.
  • Each barcode, in turn, is only used for the production batch concerned.
  • Traceability within production
  • (for example, from the granules to the raw material) is assured by means of an internal barcode system for production.
  • The finished products to be supplied are scanned and recorded in Navision with reference to the sales order.
  • Saving scanned finished products to Navision.
  • Printing of a "barcode / picking list" together with the invoice.
  • Mapping of the entire value chain (raw material procurement to dispatch).
  • Complaints handling