April 2024


Melos says "Thank you!": share your project and receive 10 bags of EPDM granules!

With our coloured EPDM rubber granules, we are part of creative sports and leisure surfaces in over 90 countries around the world. Clients, architects, planners and installation companies use them to create thousands of impressive projects every year. A large number of trucks full of high-quality granules leave our warehouse every day. But what great projects are created from them?

Whether it‘s an athletic track, a children‘s play oasis or the basketball court next door – we want to see and show the variety and creativity of your projects! Share your impressive applications by sending us photos of your projects. As a thank you for your commitment, we will reward each submitted project with a free delivery of 10 bags of EPDM granules, i.e. 250 kg, with your next order. 

It’s that simple:  

1. Take at least three photos of your project with Melos EPDM granules from different perspectives

2. Upload the photos using the upload form: www.melos-gmbh.com/10bags  

3. Receive a free delivery of 10 bags EPDM Granules with your next order!

Why should you participate?   

  • Reward for your creativity: each project submitted will be rewarded with a credit of 10 bags of EPDM granules in the standard color of your choice. This corresponds to 250 kg of high-quality granules, which you will receive with your next order. A thank you note for your commitment and creativity.   

  • Share your success story: your projects deserve to be seen! Use this opportunity to share your success stories and serve as inspiration for others.

  • Easy participation: the simple conditions of participation make it easy for you to share your projects and benefit from the advantages.

Please note the following conditions:

  • Resolution: at least Full HD (1920 x 1080 Pixel) 
  • Number of Photos: at least 3 Pictures from different perspectives 
  • Requirements: clean surface with Melos EPDM granules and no people, construction machinery or disturbing objects in the picture
  • Limit: max. 3 different projects per years will be rewarded with a credit of 10 bags EPDM Granules with the next order (one of the 28 standard colors of your choice) 
  • Image permissions: you grant us full rights of use by uploading and providing

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