May 2018

Lots of interest in the BGM Sports Day!

As a manufacturer of products with all kinds of uses in sports, the company Melos considers the fitness of its employees to be especially important.

Therefore more value is being placed on occupational health management (BGM in German). As well as promoting preventive health measures, Melos organises regular sports events, such as the BGM Sports Day held Saturday, 5th May, 2018. From 3pm onwards, in beautiful sunshine, the Melos employees got the chance to really let off some steam and show off their sports skills in tennis, basketball and goal-shooting. The football tournament was a particular highlight and the top three teams won great prizes, including portable chargers and travel mugs.

Refreshments were also provided. With cold drinks and finger food courtesy of local pub Hubertus, the more than 30 international athletes were able to recharge and recover between events.
The active day came to an end at around 6pm. A big thank you to everybody who took part! Stay sporty!