June 2018

Making sports colourful –
The great Melos World Championship betting game on Facebook and Instagram

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Melos loves sport. Not just the competition and the challenge. Also the togetherness, the variety and the fun! Now it’s finally World Championship again, finally time for great emotions.

That’s our thing; we’re joining in and beginning our World Championship betting game – according to the motto: ‘Making sports colourful’!

Because no matter the colour of our skin or our nationality: Celebrating together is twice the fun, and variety makes life better, more colourful, more beautiful – at the World Championship, at Melos and on sports fields around the globe! We have 32 nations at the World Championship, 97 employees with migrant backgrounds at Melos and on top of that, an international distribution network for coloured granulates that make artificial grass pitches better, athletics tracks faster and play yards safer.

Colourful world, colourful granulates, colourful team – and everyone together is hot for goals. You, too? Then let’s go: Kick-off for the Melos World Championship betting game!

Conditions of Participation