September 2019

Colour Flow: Melos supports SC Melle 03 with a new look

Bright colours, smooth gradients: Stylemaker® Colour Flow gives the new spectator stand at SC Melle 03 a unique look.
Melos produces and supplies coloured granules to create sports and leisure surfaces. Thanks to their innovative production processes, the company from Melle now provides even more creative possibilities to floor designers

With Stylemaker® Colour Flow, designers can now create a colourful and attractive surface with a smooth colour gradient. For the first time ever, a “Colour Flow” area was installed in front of the new viewers platform at SC Melle 03. The first of its kind anywhere in the world!

The venue of the SC Melle 03 has a capacity of several thousand spectators. Since 2005, the artificial turf pitch has been played on intensively, but has hardly been affected by the weather. The situation, unfortunately, is different for the spectators. For many years there was no covered spectator area, so a roofed stand was constructed in just five months. It has 240 seats and 80 standing places and offers fans the comfort they deserve, so that nothing stands in the way of cheering on the youth, men's and women's teams in the future.

Stylemaker® Color Flow celebrates its premiere

Melos has supported the activities of SC Melle 03 for several years now. "So it was logical that we wanted to first implement the Stylemaker® Colour Flow here in our community" explains Luigi Di Bella. "For Colour Flow we integrate of production, creativity and installation more than ever and we have come up with something very special for the spectators here at SC Melle 03."

Well mixed, well made.

For surfaces made of rubber granules, colour gradients are challenging to implement professionally. Stylemaker® Colour Flow makes the process easier for both installers and designers. Melos delivers pre-mixed and pre-sorted bags of granules directly to the construction site. Directly in front of the first row of seats of the new SCM viewers platform, the colour gradient has been installed transitioning from the centrally placed SC Melle red to a strong Melos blue at the wings. In addition, bright white logos were installed. The colour shades flow gently into one other with no obvious steps.

The SC Melle 03 has upgraded its new viewers platform and the fans love it: How did they do that?