February 2021

Melos to focus on digital networking formats for 2021

The specialist in customisable living spaces for sport and leisure, Melos, is focusing on digital networking in its communication activities for 2021, and will not be represented as an exhibitor at FSB from 26th–29th October 2021.

After a comprehensive internal analysis, the management team of the granule expert Melos (based in Melle), made the early decision to reconfigure its communication activities for 2021 and not to attend FSB in Cologne as an exhibitor due to the current and predicted situation in the coming months. However, a small but effective team of representatives will be available for customers on site, provided the situation allows it.

We have carefully weighed up this decision, discussed it with our customers and taken all the foreseeable factors into account,” explains Luigi Di Bella, Marketing Manager of the Melle-based company. As a leading manufacturer of synthetics for sports and leisure time activity flooring surfaces, Melos has had a continuous presence at the specialist trade fair in Cologne for sports, games, swimming and leisure facilities: “We see ourselves as an expert in designing living spaces, which is why we have repeatedly made a strong impact at FSB in the areas of sports and leisure,” says Di Bella.

With the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has assessed its goal of intensive face-to-face dialogue with customers and prospective customers as difficult to achieve. In addition, the understandably strict hygiene rules mean that successful networking with customers, prospective customers and business partners would not be possible to the desired extent.

Instead, the Melle plastics specialist will bundle its personnel and financial resources in a new way: “Digitalisation is extremely important at Melos. For one, it is reflected in our product innovations. Furthermore, we are always talking about the necessity to utilise new digital communication channels with our customers. Now is the time to do everything we can to put these intentions into action,” explains Di Bella. “We know that the pandemic has had a severe impact on our customers; that’s why we are now investing specifically in efficient formats of digital dialogue.” Melos is planning a complete spectrum of digital platforms for 2021: an online conference with product presentations, digital workshops and round tables are in the works, as are webinars and digital presentations.

With this new focus, Melos has found a sustainable solution to the current situation and places a renewed emphasis on its responsibility towards its customers and its own workforce. “We don’t know what awaits us in 2021,” remarks Luigi Di Bella, “but what we do know is what we can actively change and that is the digital transformation.

Melos will provide more detailed information about the time and specific concepts of the planned digital networking formats within the first half of 2021.

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