April 2020

Easy Blend Pure – 100% virgin material

The already well-known Easy Blend is now available in an improved optic!

A ready-mixed EPDM mix of high-quality EPDM granules at an attractive price – these are the Easy Blends from Melos. In the past, a third of recycled granules was added to the blends. In order to meet our customer's demand for a EPDM mix of 100% virgin material, we have launched the new Easy Blend Pure.

One third of Easy Blend Pure consists of one of the three main colours: red, may green or sky blue. In addition, a variable EPDM colour mix and an EPDM Granules Natural are added. The proven advantages of highly cross-linked, coloured Melos EPDM granules are thus combined to create an attractive, durable and safe product.

Melos Easy Blends Pure satisfy the requirements of fall protection surfaces and intensively used floor coverings. They are also especially resistant to dirt and offer a high level of cost effectiveness due to their optimised sub-components.

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