March 2019

Melos: From manufacturer to digital pioneer

(Gütersloh, 4 March 2019) The modern and perhaps even futuristic atmosphere of the theatre in Gütersloh couldn't have been more suitable for the theme that evening: "Digital Revolution in Urban Habitat Design". At the invitation of the "Kultur Räume Gütersloh" the members and guests of the Marketing Club OWL Bielefeld were treated to an exciting evening with an entertaining ending.

"Our living environment is changing rapidly," explains managing director Jörg Siekmann, "That's why we asked ourselves: where does Melos want to go? And what do the living spaces of the future look like? "Digitalization offers a great opportunity to radically adapt our business model and ensure the company continues to develop”

Read more about the lecture "Digital Revolution in Urban Habitat Design: Drones, 3D Printing and Games 4.0" at Marketing Club OWL Bielefeld: