February 2022

'Melos goes Indoor'

Indoor flooring systems for sports halls now available

Melos GmbH is a leading manufacturer of rubber granules for sports and leisure floor coverings, such as durable fall protection floorings, high-performance athletic tracks or acrylates for all-weather hard court coatings. Now the company is moving into another area: indoor flooring. From mid-February 2022, both point-elastic and combined- elastic systems will be available for sports halls.

It's hard to imagine schools, recreational facilities and even sports clubs without them: sports halls. They are (mostly) large, they offer a lot of possibilities. And above all, they have the advantage that sports can be played in all weathers - not only by students during school hours, but also by club members in the afternoon and evening. This leads to a high utilization, use and stress of the halls, especially the floors. As the requirements for indoor floors have also changed enormously in recent years, demand - and thus the entire indoor flooring market - has grown strongly in this segment.

Today's indoor floors should be durable and easy to maintain, while at the same time providing multifunctionality for many types of sports. However, special attention is paid to the area of health protection. The aim is to provide sportsmen and women with the best possible protection against overload and injury.

Point elastic and combined elastic flooring systems from Melos
Melos GmbH is now making a valuable contribution to this and has two types of flooring systems in its portfolio that meet the mentioned requirements - and the increasing demand.

The point-elastic system consists of a stable substructure and a flexible elastic layer. The advantage of this is that point loads can be cushioned much better, thus protecting the joints, tendons and muscles of the athletes. This system offers many advantages, especially for ball sports such as volleyball or handball. But other indoor activities, such as gymnastics, badminton, or indoor field hockey, can also be performed optimally on point-elastic surfaces. Only sports equipment with rollers and/or wheels is unsuitable for this flooring system, as the point load would be too great and the flooring would yield too much.

Melos GmbH offers interested parties two systems of point-elastic floor coverings: POLYCOMP INDOOR CLASSIC and POLYCOMP INDOOR PREMIUM. Both systems combine the protection of the musculoskeletal system, but differ in their structure. The CLASSIC system has a substructure made of recycled rubber, while the PREMIUM system has a foam substructure. The latter results in even higher shock absorption and thus even more "load comfort". Both variants are solvent-free, easy to clean, have good scratch and abrasion resistance, guarantee lasting elasticity and are also available in many colour variants. They also meet the requirements of the EN 14904 standard for indoor sports floors.

The combined elastic flooring system combines the advantages of point-elastic flooring with those of area-elastic flooring. Melos GmbH has also developed two variants for these systems: POLYCOMP INDOOR CEL CLASSIC 40/45 and POLYCOMP INDOOR CEL PREMIUM 40/45. Here, too, the basic principles are the same in terms of health protection and functionality, but there are differences in the structure.
The substructure of both combined elastic systems consists of a low density  foam mat and an area-elastic plywood construction. As with the point-elastic system, a prefabricated SBR rubber mat is used for the elastic layer in the CEL CLASSIC system before the other layers are applied up to the sealing. In the CEL PREMIUM system, another foam mat with adhesive is used instead of the SBR rubber mat. Both systems are tested according to the EN 14904 standard for indoor sports floors.

The point-elastic and combi-elastic flooring systems for sports halls are available now. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Then take a look here or contact us – we are always happy to help!