April 2022

Laykold – the US Open acrylic-based flooring: for long-lasting outdoor sports enjoyment

Whether it's court clearing or the removal of moss - sand courts are beautiful and certainly offer some advantages, but in any case they are a lot of work. Not to mention the water sprinkling in the summer, which is not very resource-efficient and thus not very environmentally friendly. In response to this, Melos GmbH supplies the acrylic-based "Laykold" hard court coating systems, as particularly durable and low-maintenance flooring systems.

Laykold systems have a multi-layer structure: the base, consisting of water-impermeable concrete or asphalt*, an elastic layer (Masters 5, Masters 8 and Masters Gel), a levelling layer, a textured top layer and a sealing layer (optional). This structure offers several advantages: For one thing, the materials provide a force reduction of up to 23 percent, which is a big plus for the joints in particular. In addition, the ball bouncing behaviour remains constant, as the even surface of the top layer ensures that balls can no longer misfire. The seamless and jointless installation of the system supports this advantage.

The courts with Laykold coating systems can be played on all year round in outdoor area – an important topic for clubs, especially if no indoor tennis court is available for the winter season. In contrast to clay courts, they do not have to be made winterproof. The textured surface layer is available in 17 UV-resistant colours and can thus be optimally adapted to individual circumstances, e.g. club colours. Laykold systems are suitable for tennis courts but also for multifunctional courts on which volleyball, basketball or football can be played. 

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