February 2016

Melos 3D Granules Designer

Create your own floor covering with the Granules Designer in a few steps. This tool can be of particular value during a consultation. The Granules Designer will support you to illustrate the colours and presenting a planned area realistically. 

The Granules Designer follows on the 3D Granules Designer, which was developed as a computer software. To use the Granules Designer on the road, the tool is now available as a download for mobile devices. The software is optimized for iPads and Android tablets. You can use the app wherever it is needed: in meeting rooms, on site or directly at your desk.   

And the best part: The integrated gallery enables you to have your favourites always ready to hand. You can save, manage and share your individually blends in the gallery. 

The Granules Designer offers a great variety of functions. You can choose from 24 coloured granules, which can individually be combined and mixed with each other until you obtain your desired colour. The result of the created colour mixture is immediately visible and can be easily adjusted any time. The Granules Designer clearly convinces with its highly realistic presentation. Zoom directly into your colour blend and experience the impressive colour variety and fine details of your exclusive granules design. You can explore all space and surface details on a virtual 3D model. 

Allow your friends or business partners to partake in your ideas. Share your designs via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Co. Or via e-mail. The additional inquiry function is the most direct route to us. 


Download the Granules Designer in the App Store or Play Store or open it simply in your browser: