September 2018

Melos Granules Designer – the professional planning tool for the office


You will already be familiar with the Melos Granules Designer, which is a tablet app that can be downloaded from the App Store for Apple and from Google Play for Android. We have now released a web version for computers. Virtual yet realistic looking images of floor coverings can therefore now be viewed on large monitors.

Thanks to the web version, you will now also get rapid results at your desk. Open the granules designer in your web browser or download the app to your Windows or Mac computer. A few clicks is all it takes to design individual floor coverings, which greatly simplify intensive agreement processes with clients! Demonstrate the impact of specific colour mixes and optimise your designs until they are perfect.

Intuitive controls, total liberty and 3D zoom feature.

Choice of 24 standard colours; combine them as you like to create your preferred shade. View the result of any colour mix straight away, edit it with a few clicks, save it and send it to others. Experience the impressively wide spectrum of colours and use the zoom feature to view the fine granulate structure of your design in detail. Why not try it out right away?

Go to the Melos Granules Designer office version