Februrary 2014

Melos-Roundabout: A well-rounded project

When visiting Melos GmbH the next time, you are not likely to overlook it: the new Melos-Roundabout. Melos adopted the traffic circle, in order to show our product portfolio to customers, locals and everyone who is interested while passing by.

Due to the fact that coloured EPDM granules have the highest turnover of all Melos product segments, the company chose this specific product segment as a basic part of the design. The final draft shows the blueprint for the construction: The roundabout displays the granules as a component for the fields of application running track, artificial turf pitch and fall protection. The 240m² long track was built of granules, coloured in Berlin-Blue, which were developed for the running track of the Olympiastadium in Berlin. On this famous track Usain Bolt ran the world record over 100m. An artificial turf for landscaping of the newest generation of the brand EVERGREEN decorates another part of the construction. The peak of the roundabout consists of a round multi-coloured area. Granules of different colours were implemented fan-shaped on the 80m² large area and are intended to symbolize the exceptional range of colours of Melos granules.

Sculptures and obstacles made of high-grade steel clarify the scope of application and use of the area. The logo on the dome prepares the connection between the building and Melos GmbH obvious at first sight.

After thorough planning of the roundabout, its reconstruction started last year in August. Natural grass has been removed, a mound of gravel was shaped and fundamentals were cast for the figures. Afterwards the running track as well as fall protection was built. After that the artificial turf was laid. In the last step the figures, the cubes and the logo were attached to the roundabout.

Melos recorded the process of origination in a short movie. This Link leads straight to the clip on our YouTube-Channel „Melos Motion“.