June 2018

Melos Stone - My way!
Floor coverings in your favourite club colours

The football World Championships are in full swing. Now there are floor coverings for clubs and real fans, perfectly shaped in colour and function. And even with logos, for those who want it.

For clubs: You can give your stadium grounds, your offices and your museums a unique upgrade with a Melos Stone floor covering. Those who’d like to be welcomed by their own club logo of can also make this a reality with us.  We can produce any motifs, signs, names and numbers via water jet process. These motifs fit perfectly into the floor covering.

For fans: With Melos Stone, you can bring home your very own football club design:

Melos Stone can be easily installed outside on terraces, in entrance areas or on connecting paths. The floor sets bright and visible colour accents, documenting long-term membership and loyalty to your club and team.

The starting colour variations are:

Several other colour combinations fit for Champions are available.
Here are some videos for inspiration:

Actually, all colour combinations up to monochrome stone grey are possible.
However, the Melos Stone flooring isn’t as hard as the name would suggest: The granulate compound consists of elastic rubber that is almost as stable and non-slip as stone, thanks to its high material hardness (experts call it “90 Shore A”). On site, the loose granulates are mixed with an adhesive, applied to the floor and smoothed.
For all those interested in technology: The Melos Stone flooring consists of approx. 10 kg material per square meter and is non-slip, barrier-free, weatherproof, lightfast and even water-permeable! Melos Stone flooring is a true all-rounder, and certainly a real eye-catcher for fans and clubs.

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