May 2021

Melos starts the year 2021 with a new management team

The 2021 year began with a change in the company's management of Melos GmbH. Marco Schröder and Dr Uwe Zakrzewski are now managing directors.

The restructuring became necessary as Jörg Siekmann, the long-time managing director, wanted to take the next step in his career after 23 successful years at Melos GmbH. "He has had a significant influence on the development of the company over the last 16 years. We owe him our dearest appreciation for this and we wish Mr Siekmann all the best for his new challenge," says Marco Schröder.

Marco Schröder has been working for the company for many years as commercial manager and was appointed by Sport Group Holding GmbH as managing director with a focus on commercial affairs.

With Dr. Uwe Zakrzewski, Melos was able to acquire an additional managing director who has many years of experience in the chemical industry and will in the future be responsible for the two product areas of sports and industry as well as production.

The company management is complemented by the authorised signatories Christoph Heidenescher and Marcus Hohlweck.

With this new management team, Melos GmbH is optimally positioned in all areas to successfully manage future challenges.