May 2018

Stylemaker® pilot project Melly:
the first indoor play area with creative Stylemaker® floor images

New in Melle: the indoor play area Melly, where children have lots of fun. Everything is colourful and child-friendly – every detail perfect. Melos had a significant involvement in devising the overall concept: Stylemaker® floor images are eye-catching, stimulate the imagination and give Melly its unique character.

Stylemaker® allows the custom designing of flooring for play and sports facilities. Working on the desktop PC or via the app, you can be creative, design floor images and place the order – and Melos will deliver the motifs as complete installation kits. The Stylemaker® is scheduled to be available for download from the 3rd quarter of 2018.

The Stylemaker® will open a world of possibilities – as the impressive Melly pilot project illustrates:

In addition to the Melly logo and the cute Melly mascot, a multicolour hopscotch design was realised as part of the flooring. “Of course I’m really pleased that we have a genuine flooring innovation here,” says Melly boss Frank Acker. “Melos and my flooring installers presented the designs to me beforehand on the screen, and determining the colours and lettering was uncomplicated. The floor images inspire the children to engage in imaginative play. That’s precisely what it’s all about!”

The pilot project video: VIEW NOW!

Stylemaker®: available for download from the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Customers demand creative flooring! The Stylemaker® now makes life easier for installers: highly customized projects can now be completed more efficiently, faster and more reliably. Individual floor images can be combined to provide themed floor areas.

Would you like to find out more about the Stylemaker®? Click below to go to the Stylemaker® website with all the information about the desktop version and the app.

Be it animals, plants, coloured stars and numbers, hopscotch games, chessboard patterns or geometric shapes such as circles and squares: the Stylemaker® will help you get outstanding results in no time. Open the image gallery and get inspired!