February 2019

Ready, Steady, Stylemaker®

Melle, February 2019: The Grand Prix of Westerhausen is coming up and the young racers are already in their starting positions. The engines rattle and tension is in the air.

3, 2, 1 - GO!

Tight curves and tricky obstacles make the Melos kart parkour a real challenge and the dogged opponents just will not let up. Pit Stop! Fill up and continue!

The Stylemaker® Parkour: Creative safety flooring arouse the imagination of children

Driving a bobby car on a proper bobby car track tops absolutely everything – especially when that track is built with imaginative Stylemaker® floor images. Colourful motifs, custom design: This is where little bobby car drivers streak down the straights like lightning - and at the same time get to know the meaning of traffic lights and traffic signs. Not only the children are astonished, but also the parents and educators! Architects, specialist planners and fabricators also have a good argument with the Stylemaker® and amaze their customers with creative floor designs. Soon available as a web app via desktop PC, laptop or tablet. Just open the app in the browser and get started!


Stylemaker. The innovation.
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