May 2018

A heart for pint-sized adventurers
Melos products for safety surfaces: fall down, get up, and on with the game.

Making playgrounds safe: premium safety surfaces of Melos quality

Now that the weather is improving, and the sun has come out, children want to get outside and go wild in the playground at long last. Their parents are in two minds: their children’s zest for life is contagious, but is that climbing frame not just a little on the high side? A case for premium safety surfaces made of Melos granules and polyurethanes! Playgrounds with integrated fall protection provide for safety during play and really set the minds of parents, teachers and childcare practitioners at ease.
High-quality safety surfaces made from Melos rubber granules can protect children from injuries. Whether in their free time or in the schoolyard: with safety surfaces under swings, seesaws and climbing frames, children continue to play happily even after landing squarely on their behind.

A brave heart, a mind full of adventure, and a soft landing – Yippee!

For decades now, Melos has carried out research to find the ideal solution – safety surfaces to cushion a fall and put the minds of parents, teachers and childcare practitioners at rest. In playgrounds with safety surfaces everyone feels better, safe and in good hands!
Melos is synonymous with quality, and all parts are supplied from the same central source. Expert advice is included as part of our service. Our vibrant, UV-resistant safety surfaces are formed by combining colourful EPDM granules with multi-purpose polyurethane.
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