Our new summer messengers in the Stylemaker® Evolution 3D world: Beetle, Caterpillar and Butterfly

In summer, nature around us comes back to life. The best time to discover new colourful animals in our Stylemaker® Evolution 3D – grassland world. Cute beetles now find their place in the garden and flowerbed. If you look closely, you will also see the fat caterpillar that will develop into a beautiful butterfly over the summer. The new 3D objects invite you to play and hop. This is especially fun for children.  

We’ll show you interactively what's going on in our Stylemaker® Evolution 3D animal world in summer!

Are you an explorer? Click on a 3D object, zoom in and out and and look at it from all sides by holding the mouse button. You can also switch to fullscreen. Would that be something for your rubber based playground or recreational surface? Let's get started...