Dezemeber 2018

Climbing wall + Stylemaker® Floor Images = Reaching for the Stars!

A “Digital Design” course at the Gymnasium Harsewinkel: the dedicated 11th grade students have great talent and really bright futures! They are working tirelessly to develop the playground of the future. And over the course of a month they have been collaborating closely with the Melos experts on sport and leisure flooring as well as technical specialists from the start-up company Teu2tec.

The fruits of this cooperation came in the form of safety flooring decorated with fantastical Stylemaker® floor images. First they are drawn by hand, after which they are digitized with an iPad and then produced – in the classroom, in the Teu2tec students laboratory and in the Teu2tec production plant. The inspiring end result was unveiled in a ceremony by the school management and was even featured in several newspapers.

30 m² of outer space - in cooperation with Melos and Teu2tec

The new safety flooring was installed underneath a climbing wall in the playground of Gymnasium Harsewinkel (North Rhine-Westphalia). The high quality Stylemaker® floor images, produced using waterjet processes, correspond perfectly with the students design ideas. The funky space motif catches the eye and fits in perfectly with the climbing wall theme, leaving behind the limits of gravity and up we go! And the landing? It’s safe and comfortable. The safety flooring is the ideal cushion against jumps and falls from great heights – and it protects against injury. The Stylemaker® floor images are perfectly integrated and offer ideal protection in the event of a fall, with the tried-and-tested Melos reliability and quality.