August 2019

NEW: Stylemaker® Colour Flow – beautiful colour gradients for sports and leisure floors.

Dazzling! Stylemaker® Colour Flow offers an unique game of colours.

Stylemaker® Colour Flow is the perfect choice for planners and installers. Producing sports and leisure floorings with gentle colour gradients used to be time-consuming and expensive, but now it couldn’t be easier – thanks to Stylemaker® Colour Flow! Design a surface that perfectly matches the ideas in your imagination, down to the finest detail. Leisure surfaces with smooth transitions between the beach and the sea, sports floorings with a Colour Flow effect between the sponsor’s colours and those of the club, showrooms with a perfectly conceived colour guidance system to wow your customers – the possibilities are endless! Melos will deliver your Colour Flow granules directly to your construction site, ready-mixed and fully prepared for installation.