March 2020

On the trail of the past with Stylemaker® Evolution 3D

Stylemaker® Evolution 3D inspires: A dinosaur skeleton was installed on the playground in Branco van Dantzigpark in Rotterdam and was then covered with sand. The 21 individual 3D figures were made out of rubber granules. Children in the Branco Park now have the opportunity to dig up dinosaur bones in a playful way and follow the traces of the past.

Branco van Dantzigpark is located in the Middelland district of Rotterdam West. The park offers the residents of Middelland a pleasant place to meet and enjoy good weather. Above all, children have plenty of space in Branco van Dantzigpark to have fun and let off steam.

In cooperation with Melos GmbH, the modernisation of the park is continuing. A dinosaur skeleton was installed on the playground, which consists of 21 individual dinosaur bones. The individual 3D dinosaur bones were made of rubber granules and are covered with sand. Starting this year, the young visitors of the park can dig up the dinosaur bones, make exciting discoveries and follow the traces of the past. Exposing the dinosaur bones gives children a playful approach to archaeology and makes them familiar with the past. With the help of an information the children also have the possibility to determine the exact bones of the dinosaur.

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