September 2019

Enthusiastic about cool dinosaurs?

New: Stylemaker® motifs for adventurous dinosaur worlds.

Awaken elemental forces, give dinosaurs a smile and get planning!

Floor images give playgrounds and leisure areas a unique character, and with Stylemaker® Original 2D you can design complete themed worlds. Effortlessly conjure up creative landscapes and new adventure-filled dinosaur worlds: send children off on a journey through time – soaring pterosaurs, grazing dinosaurs and fiery volcanos await! Planners and installers can find perfect dinosaur world motifs in the Stylemaker® database now.

Volcanos that spew lava – and dinosaurs that become friends

On playgrounds or schoolyards, in shopping centres or theme parks: dinosaur worlds kindle imaginations! Thrilling excitement: the ground is shuddering, the lava is bubbling, yet the gentle T-Rex is there to protect us all – young and old! And best of all: 
with this broad selection of dinosaur world motifs, anything is possible – even pink dinosaurs! 

Impress your clients with adventurous
motif worlds and start planning projects
for the coming year today!

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