September 2019

Dynamic 3D shaping:
Melos takes granules to a new level.

Let's get into the third dimension - with customized solutions from Melos!

Whether it is the Melos Granules Designer, the Melos Infill Calculator, the Ready-To-Build concept or Stylemaker® Original 2D for attractive leisure floorings: The Melos team is committed to planners and installerse to make life easier.

Now even in 3D! Stylish with Stylemaker® Evolution 3D playgrounds, schoolyards and pedestrian areas are created and Melos delivers ingenious 3D figures made of granules that inspire. From the factory directly to the construction site! Agile, dynamic, innovative.

Look forward to imaginative design through dynamic shapes and colourful surfaces through a variety of individual colour choices - because with Melos everything is possible:

We specifically expanded our production know-how! The result: Creative 3D granule figures amaze adults and let children's eyes shine. And you can too: With Melos and Stylemaker® Evolution 3D.

The future is here.
Experience our innovative power in just 30 seconds,
learn about Melos individual solutions and venture into the third dimension with us.