May 2019

Stylemaker® floor games – play, count and have fun!

Action, reaction and learning games for sports and leisure floors

Design creative floor images quickly and easily with Stylemaker®! Ideal for individual safety floors. Simply start the app, choose a motif template, determine the size and colour, and order directly online: You will receive the floor images, the adhesive and the granulates from a single source. Then you can create your very own world of fun with inspiring sports and leisure floors!

Stylemaker® floor games – perfect for spontaneous fun

In the school yard, daycare centre or playground, old people’s home, hospital or shopping centre: A spontaneous floor game is always fun – wherever you are! You can choose from many creative game ideas – simply click through the Stylemaker® database.

Kids love jumping games or the ever-popular Twister – to practise their jelly legs! Or how about a fascinating maths game with educational effect? Ideal for all generations from 6 to 99.

Stylemaker® floor games are an exciting challenge for mind and body. They keep you fit and provide variety. An idea from Melos!

Stylemaker®. The innovation.
Design creative floor games now!

Example: Jump n Count

Example: Long Jump

Example: Twister