April 2019

New Stylemaker® Motifs - The Melos Galaxy

Children reach for the stars!

Let's go: Give it a boost, rocket! The Milky Way is waiting, the man in the moon is already there and a pinch of stardust conjures a smile on the face! Kids become astronauts and explore new planets with a hop. How it works? Quite simple: the mission starts with the Stylemaker®.

Stylemaker® floor pictures are out of this world

Children rediscover their creativity on imaginative safety floorings and the Stylemaker® app is the key. Processors have a good argument with the Stylemaker® in counseling sessions and astonish customers with creative planning. Presentable directly on the tablet or on the desktop PC!

Are you interested in colourful safety flooring worlds? Now simply choose motifs in the Stylemaker® app or upload and order your own motifs:

Stylemaker. The innovation.
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