September 2019

Buzzing bee meets smiling snail!

New: Stylemaker® motifs for grass landscapes with the freshness of spring.

Spring will be here again before you know it – so start planning now!

Stylemaker® floor images transform playgrounds and recreational spaces into something extra-special. They’re a breeze to design with Stylemaker® Original 2D, which enables designers and installers to exercise their creativity and produce inspiring solutions.

New arrivals in the Stylemaker® database: beautiful spring motifs

Everything’s so wonderfully green here! Transform playgrounds, schoolyards and shopping centre play areas into lovely grass landscapes with adorable Stylemaker® motifs. Whether buzzing bees or smiling snails, colourful flowers or little trees – the options are limitless and add a breath of spring to your projects! Best of all, there are practically infinite possibilities for personalising your motifs. Try them now!

Impress your customers with spring-fresh grass landscapes, and start planning your projects for the coming season – today!

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