May 2019

Stylemaker® Individual: Your company logo, your club crest or an individual motif as a floor image

Design your own new floor image: A one-of-a-kind design! Stylemaker® makes it possible.

With the Stylemaker®, you can design creative floor images for safety floorings: Simply start the app, choose a motif from the database, determine the size and colour, and order directly online! It’s that easy! And now you can do even more.

NEW: Stylemaker® Individual! Your club or company logo,
your family crest, lettering or your own individual motif immortalised as a floor image.

With Stylemaker® Individual, you can make the entrance area of your club premises standout, or give the showroom of your company a unique flair! An ingenious solution for companies and sports clubs, schools and daycare centres, or your own garden at home. This time, you can be creative and we serve as your creative assistant: Send us your design via Stylemaker® and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

We will fine tune the colours, contours and fine details with you before production begins. Your design will then be produced one-to-one as a floor image, made of high-quality granules.

The result: A high-quality image that meets your precise preferences and expectations. Do you not have a professional design yet, but only a simple drawing by hand? Our tip: Photograph or scan it, upload it and send it to us! Our Stylemaker® team will find an eye-catching solution. We make your design possible and only start producing when you are satisfied with the final design of your floor image.

Stand out from the crowd: An individual floor design featuring your logo is something very special. In your corporate design, club colours and all the little details that make your personal design unique!

We work with vector graphics and CAD files in the formats svg., dxf. and dwg. Image files in the formats png., jpg., bmp. and gif. are also ideal. You can easily upload and submit files up to 50 megabytes in size.

Stylemaker. The innovation.
Create your own floor images now.